Center for Relationships, Gender and Sexuality


How did you learn to love?  

What does sexual wellbeing mean to you? 

When do you feel most comfortable in your body? 

What are the hardest things to say to someone you care about?

What will your life look like when you feel more free?


We like to dive deep and get right to the heart of the matter with questions like these.   Sexuality, relationships, gender and love are doorways into who we are and what matters to us most.  Trained in the psychobiology of human development, relationship, sexuality, gender and trauma, we are psychotherapists and educators with a kind-hearted and playful approach.   

Embracing all forms of sexual and gender identity, expression, orientation as well as relational preferences, we enjoy working with people of all ages, religions, and ethnicity.     


Caroline Russell Smith, LCSW-R                            

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Patricia Swander Farrell, LCSW-R

4 Franklin Square, Suite G, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866      


 Please call (518)290-0320 or email info@upwellcenter.org


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