Center for Relationships, Gender and Sexuality


Whether you are coming in to talk to us about relationship challenges, sexual problems, or gender-related concerns we anticipate you are may be searching for something deeper and more elemental-- vitality, connection, power, safety, freedom, healing, love.  Exploring these topics can be difficult so we approach this work with gentle curiosity.  Our clients tell us that they feel challenged and supported by us while together we dive deep into the murky waters of family history, personal beliefs, biological and emotional patterns, and societal forces.  As if all that weren't enough we invite you to consider how fantasies, fears and desires can inform us about what we are most wanting out of life. 

Embracing all forms of sexual and gender identity, expression, orientation as well as relational preferences, we enjoy working with people of all ages, religions and ethnicities.  Who you are is as important to us as what you want to work on.   

We recognize that individuals and couples come into therapy for many reasons. After careful assessment, we will tailor treatment to the challenges that you/ you and your partner bring into the room. Our aim is to help you incorporate all you learn about yourself during our work into a new story, a more authentic and vibrant story of your own design.  

Sometimes we assign homework for you to practice in the comfort of your own home. Our work never includes sexual activity in the office or any form of sexual surrogacy. 


Here are examples of what our clients are working on: 

Low/mismatched sexual desire

Sexual Boredom

Erectile Dysfunction

Delayed or Early Ejaculation

Painful Sex

Performance Anxiety

Intimacy Concerns

Expanding the sex script/enhancing sexual creativity

Erotic conflicts

Impulsive/compulsive use of porn

Sexual effects of internalized shame and guilt

Processing and recovering from sexual trauma

Sex after infidelity

Opening up a relationship, navigating consensual non-monogamy and polyamory

Sexual identity issues and mixed orientation relationships

Integrating kink, eroticized power play, and other forms of sexual adventure into one's sex life

Navigating changes in the sexual life-cycle

Special issues related to LGBTQ sexualities

Sex therapy with trans  patients

Working on the relationship issues in which sex problems are often embedded

Co-morbidity of sexual problems with other mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and the sexual side effects of medication

Addressing sexual narcissism, perfectionism, and performativeness

Please call us if what you are wishing to talk about is not yet on this list! If it is something we feel capable of assisting you with we will and we will add it to this list!

“Eroticism is the poetry of the body, the testimony of the senses. Like a poem, it is not linear, it meanders and twists back on itself, shows us what we do not see with our eyes, but in the eyes of our spirit. Eroticism reveals to us another world, inside the world. The senses become servants of the imagination, and let us see the invisible and hear the inaudible.” Octavio Paz, The Double Flame


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