Center for Relationships, Gender and Sexuality

“Eroticism is the poetry of the body, the testimony of the senses. Like a poem, it is not linear, it meanders and twists back on itself, shows us what we do not see with our eyes, but in the eyes of our spirit. Eroticism reveals to us another world, inside the world. The senses become servants of the imagination, and let us see the invisible and hear the inaudible.” Octavio Paz, The Double Flame

Change in the bedroom is about far more than sex and satisfying sex is a great way to bring about change.  

We are experienced clinicians trained in the psychobiology of human development, relationship, sex and trauma. We keep current on medical and scientific human sexuality research.  Just as important, we are creative and soulful artisans who believe in the power of imagination and play in the process of change.  Talking about sexuality isn’t always easy so we approach this work with gentle curiosity and respect, inviting conversations about family history, emotional patterns, societal pressures as well as fantasies, fears and desires. Embracing all forms of sexual and gender identity, expression and orientation we work with people of all ages, religions and ethnicities.  

Most people who come talk to us are searching for something really important. Whether it is vitality, connection, power, safety, healing, love or something else all together, we are here to help.  Come talk about what good sex means to you.  

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